Is our packaging recyclable?

Gü packaging, including the ramekin, the foil lids and outer card boxes, can be recycled and we actively encourage this. Please check your local recycling services and household bin collections with your local council.

What can I do with empty glass jars?

Gü ramekins are 100% recyclable but can also be reused, our customer love sharing on social media the creative ways they’ve used them. For example -- they make a great tea candle holder, jars for spices or sauces, mini tapas or paints & crafts... we’ve even seen a wall of ramekins in someone’s garden.
Life Hack: Pringles lids fit perfectly on our ramekins for storing almost any small item.

What flavors do you have?

Currently in the US, we have four unique, delicious flavors available:
Chocolate & Caramel Gold: Layers of intense chocolate ganache and luxurious sea salt caramel
Sea Salt Caramel: Layers of smooth caramel on a crunchy cookie base
Cookies & Double Cream: Layers of vanilla and mascarpone cream on an irresistible chocolate cookie base
Toffee Crunch: Layers of honeycomb candy pearls and caramel-chocolate crème with a touch of honey

Where is Gü's chocolate sourced? Is it sustainable?

Gü products contain chocolate responsibly sourced from a supplier that has a sustainability initiative called “Forever Chocolate”. Forever Chocolate is based on four ambitious targets, to be achieved by 2025, that address the largest sustainability challenges in the chocolate supply chain:

- More than 500,000 cocoa farmers lifted out of poverty
- Child labor eradicated from the supply chain
- Carbon and forest-positive
- 100% sustainable ingredients in all products

What does the brand name mean?

The Gü name was inspired by the word goût – French for taste, and it also evokes the delicious goo-ey layers in our desserts. The umlaut above our ü simply represents the facial expression just after taking a delicious bite 😊. We are passionate about producing the best quality desserts. Our Head Chef, Fred and his trusty Sous Chef, Emily, are committed to sourcing the best ingredients for their sweet creations in our kitchen.

Where is the brand's HQ?

Gü HQ is in the UK - Bishop's Stortford to be exact, and our commercial team sits in Sherpherd's Bush, London.

Is the brand on social media?

Yes we are, please share your Gü moments with us:
Instagram - @GuDessertsUSA
Facebook - @GuDessertsUSA

Who is Fred Ponnavoy?

Fred Ponnavoy is a French Chef who has cooked for not one, but two American presidents (so yeah, he’s good). Fred has been with GÜ since the start and has designed and created every one of our products. Since day 1. Nothing comes out of the development kitchen or the factory that doesn’t meet Chef Fred’s approval.